Life isn’t about saving for retirement.

99% of financial education is all about an event 30 years from now.

This is the 1%.

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Finding Opportunities in Your Normal Routines

My dad used to travel a lot for work. He racked up thousands and thousands of frequent flyer miles on work trips. Despite them being work trips, he was able to add the miles to his personal account. He also was conscious about choosing credit card bonuses that would let him stay at hotels for…

Update: I picked a winner over a year ago

Previously, I did a review of Commonwealth, an app where you can buy fractional shares in racehorses. Yesterday was the Kentucky Derby, the most famous racehorse in America (and therefore the world 🇺🇸🦅💥). Mage, whose shares were listed and sold on Commonwealth, won. (I didn’t buy into the horse, but I told y’all about the…

3x your Savings in a Year

This is the inverse of my earlier post talking about doubling your income but holding back your expenses. The short version: the more you avoid inflating your lifestyle as your income grows, the more exponential growth in savings you unlock. Now, here’s one way you can do that now without increasing your income. Remember the…

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