Life isn’t about saving for retirement.

99% of financial education is all about an event 30 years from now.

This is the 1%.

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I got a Certificate of Deposit so you don’t have to

I got a certificate of deposit (CD) like a complete boomer just for kicks. No one really recommends these any more (and for good reason). So why would anyone choose US Bank? The pro and the con is lock-in. Is the Fed suddenly got spooked and decided to drop interest rates to 3%, the US…

The Principal-Agent Problem

Every ambitious person I know has a dream about making a bunch of money and then putting it into something that essentially makes money on its own. Sure, this can sort of happen, but generally speaking it’s never totally achievable. The reason is no one else will ever care about your money or life more…

Mixed-Use Land for Tax Efficiency

The aristocratic impulse the last few centuries was to have a city presence, but a country home. The city presence was compact and flexible. The country home was stately, generational, and ornate. Obviously you can have a nice house in the city, particularly if it’s inherited and in an old area, but it’s much easier…

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