Life isn’t about saving for retirement.

99% of financial education is all about an event 30 years from now.

This is the 1%.

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Save Hours Every Week with this Tip

I’m about to save you time, energy, and mental clarity. For you, it might be one hour per week. For me, I’ll save 7–8. Stop consuming “content”. As a leader in a work setting (even if you’re just leading yourself), you only need two modes: Planning out clear, simple steps to take Taking those steps … More

The World is Overflowing with Ideas

You can be making money in a year if you picked a half-decent idea (that enough people want) and just ran with it. Want to start a business but don’t have any ideas? There are literally hundreds and thousands of business ideas floating out there today. In fact, I’m going to give a bunch away … More

Gradually, Then Suddenly: Bitcoin is Globally Inevitable

Russia will accept Bitcoin for oil and gas. I will say it again: Bitcoin is inevitable. Store your wealth with it. Get paid with it. And in case of war, buy it. When belligerents on both sides of a major conflict are both looking to get paid in Bitcoin, this should be a glaring bright … More

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