Life isn’t about saving for retirement.

99% of financial education is all about an event 30 years from now.

This is the 1%.

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Buy Your Way into a Network

I’ll keep it short and sweet: some “stupid” purchases are exactly what you need to do to meet great people. I’ve mentioned before how it’s worthwhile to pay for a club membership. I was talking about actual clubs (e.g. golf, or an old school “city leaders” group), but overlooked a different type: hobbyists. I saw … More

Anonymity Protects Your Wealth

Being on Bitcoin twitter, it’s funny to watch the lengths some people go to protect their identity. It’s probably not because they are on the run from the government, but more so to keep things flowing smoothly in their public life. Ironically, their private life has a Twitter pseudonym with 100,000 followers, and their public … More

How to Direct Register Stock (DRS) from your IRA

This one is for the GameStop die-hards. In brief: the people who are still in GameStop believe there are significantly more shares in existence then are legally allowed. To prove their thesis, and to dry up liquidity in the stock, they have started direct registering their shares to take it out of trading, prevent it … More

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