Work and invest to have a rich life now—not in 30 years.

This blog is about building wealth. Why not get to a 7-figure net worth, or a 6-figure passive(ish) income while you’re still young? Talking about getting rich may sound gauche, but I’m American. Gauche is my middle name.

This is blog is NOT about the basics like credit card debt, budgeting, etc. That’s been done. I don’t want to be Dave Ramsey. If you have credit card debt or a car loan you’re struggling to deal with, this blog is probably not for you.

This blog is about giving yourself an unfair advantage. You cannot follow conventional advice and have unconventional results. You don’t get ahead by following the herd. When you decide it’s worth following your own path financially, you’ll change your life and double down on your strengths.

This blog is NOT about building a nest egg for retirement. Retirement is fine, but that is 0% motivating for me. I don’t plan on ever retiring. It sounds heartbreakingly boring. I want to build and establish wealth while I still have my life in front of me.

This blog is about thinking for yourself. At the end of the day, it’s all on you. You are responsible for your one life. Don’t wait for something to happen.

Hopefully some of these thoughts and ideas inspire you to take action. Remember, no one is coming to save you. Make your life count.

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