Get a Mortgage Without Selling Crypto

Short and sweet: there’s a new Miami-based startup called Milo doing mortgage lending with Bitcoin as collateral.

I’m a gargantuan proponent of collateralizing instead of selling one asset to buy another. This is the perfect example of that—putting your Bitcoin to work for you without ever having to sell it (and getting an income-generating asset out of it).

If you want to use Milo, you can join the waitlist. At the time of writing, there are just under 6000 people waiting.

If you’re not US-based, you can use it right away to purchase US property using crypto. That’s not quite the same as getting a crypto-backed loan, but it’s a neat option so I figure it’s worth mentioning.

I do not give any endorsement of the platform since it’s not actually up yet and I haven’t used it. But it’s a cool-sounding idea, and I hope it sparks your thinking about selling your assets vs collateralizing them and keeping doubling your upside potential.

Heads up, this isn’t sponsored or affiliate-linked or anything. This is just a PSA because I love you.

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