In Case of War, Buy Bitcoin

If your country goes to war, buy all the Bitcoin you can.

Let me tell you why.

In World War I, the nations all thought they would be home by Christmas. What in actually happened was a long, protracted war of attrition between gridlocked nations.

How did they afford it?

They didn’t. They all secretly printed more money.

This sounds like a conspiracy but it’s utterly, historically verifiable.

When Gold was King

All major countries used to be on the gold standard. It wasn’t some big agreement—it was almost the opposite.

You didn’t trust other countries, so you transacted in something you couldn’t fake. Or if someone did try and fake it, you could verify (the atoms are real or not, after all).

You didn’t trust; you verified.

Before this, all of your dollar bills represented a real amount of gold. However, bank notes are easier to transact with than chunks of gold. It was a good system.

During the war, the US, Britain, and other belligerents suspended the ability to trade in your notes for gold. This was so they could create more bills than they actually had gold to buy weapons and pay for supplies.

This was when the shackles holding back runaway monetary policy began to slip off. This was intentional so that it was cheaper for the governments to buy supplies than what they actually costed.

Now that we don’t even pretend to have a gold standard, the tidal wave of inflation is already here—like we were saying 8 months ago—governments can do the same thing ad infinitum.

The US government spent $300 million per day on Afghanistan. Combined with other Middle East + Asia conflicts, we spent $6.4 trillion on post-9/11 military action.

What did we get exactly?

I’m not trying to get too political (that ship may have already sailed) but truly want to underline how much these big events can affect you if you don’t take the proper long-term steps to protect what you’ve already earned.

By the way, in reality inflation is actually much higher than reported (the CPI uses tricks like exchanging one expensive item for a cheaper “like good” and including things people aren’t actually buying regularly).

For more information on currency and WWI, pick up The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous.

Same Incentives, Same Results

Human nature doesn’t change. If the same incentives are in place, the same behaviors can be expected.

If there’s “free money” in the form of eternal loans and devaluing your savings, your government will do it.

Protect yourself. Buy hard assets like stocks, real estate, Bitcoin.

Only one of those assets can’t be seized or frozen by the government without your consent.

Buy bitcoin.

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