Bitcoin is the Freedom to Transact

I don’t care about getting rich for the sake of making money. Truly. Those who know me personally can vouch to my nature.

I care deeply about wealth creation because I see it as a means to preserve and expand the choices you can make in life.

Money is one major way you have freedom—the freedom to choose.

What do you do when someone prevents your from using your own money?

I saw an excellent thread on Twitter outlining how necessary the freedom to transact is.

Click the tweet to see the rest.

Here’s the quick summary:

  • You’re probably someone who supports fundamental rights (speech, assembly, association, etc.)
  • Using any of your rights cost money (e.g. “right to bear arms” means you have the right to buy a gun, not that anyone owes you one)
  • Therefore the free exchange of money is necessary to fully express your rights

Maybe there’s a presumed “fundamental right” you disagree with. I don’t care because the point is that any right, even one you’re imagining, costs money on some level to exercise.

If you can’t spend your money, you lack your fundamental rights.

It is no good becoming a multi-millionaire if the money is in an inaccessible bank account.

That’s why I’m taking my payment in Bitcoin now so that what happened in Canada doesn’t happen to me.

This Is A Very Old Story

This all feels new because Bitcoin is a new technology, and “freezing bank accounts” is a technologically new tool, too.

But is it?

Or is this exact patten of behavior described in the most widely distributed religious text in the world?

I hesitate to bring up the infamous mark of Revelation 13, about a certain stamp on hands and foreheads…because a lot of people have very weird ideas about it. But the likely truth of this symbolism is down-to-earth and doesn’t have to do with barcodes, vaccines, or microchips.

It’s about political consolidation. If you want to control what people do, you control what they can spend money on.

It’s that simple.

This video is an excellent explanation (starting at 2:15 and going to about 4:06). It’s not some weird tech conspiracy, but an aim authoritarian governments have tried to achieve for millennia.

From a materialist point of view, if you control both money & military, you control a nation.

When one person tries to go after both, they are an authoritarian, or authoritarian in the making.

Those of us lucky enough to live in the West must not be arrogant enough to think our leaders aren’t anything but human. They are subject to the same pressures and incentives as any other human in history.

Bitcoin is Unbannable

When accounts were frozen in Canada, GoFundMe decided it didn’t like the cause they were raising for and said they would donate the money somewhere else instead. Seriously.

Bank accounts of donors were then frozen by order of Trudeau’s government.

But that didn’t stop the bitcoin-based crowdfunding site,, where hundreds of thousands of dollars were still raised.

There is so much more to this story, like the response of company Nunchuck when the government demanded “freezing” of Bitcoin wallets (which is technically impossible).

Forgetting Canada for a second—right now in Ukraine, the government itself is soliciting donations in the form of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether (a stablecoin pegged to the USD).

In times of uncertainty, and in times of tyrants, you have one clear safe haven asset.

Protect yourself. Buy bitcoin.

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