Buy Your Way into a Network

I’ll keep it short and sweet: some “stupid” purchases are exactly what you need to do to meet great people.

I’ve mentioned before how it’s worthwhile to pay for a club membership. I was talking about actual clubs (e.g. golf, or an old school “city leaders” group), but overlooked a different type: hobbyists.

I saw this video on TikTok where a young guy joins a Corvette club. A nice car for sure, but definitely an approachable price. However, because it was so unusual to have someone young there, he stood out and was welcomed in.

One of the comments stands out: “Networking has made me more than my vette cost me“.

Don’t buy a car just to network. But if you’re on the fence about getting a toy, ask yourself if there’s a way for it to help you network. That’s another reason why it’s sometimes worth it to fly first class.

It could even be a niche tech hobby (if it attracts those who are actually building businesses around it). E.g. if you were really into building AI, finding a local group for it could be exactly how you can excel and even build some interesting products with it.

Just try it out. Give yourself permission to have fun and spend time with people who are making things happen.

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