Gradually, Then Suddenly: Bitcoin is Globally Inevitable

Russia will accept Bitcoin for oil and gas.

I will say it again: Bitcoin is inevitable. Store your wealth with it. Get paid with it.

And in case of war, buy it.

When belligerents on both sides of a major conflict are both looking to get paid in Bitcoin, this should be a glaring bright flashing sign for you.

You can keep waiting until most have bought in, or you can just start dollar-cost averaging in.

You don’t need to go all-in. For the next 6 months, take whatever you have been spending on index funds, split it in half. Put half into your favorite index fund, and put half into Bitcoin.

The downside is minimal. The upside potential may be mediocre, but probably will be extreme.

Then hold it for at least 10 years in your own wallet.

This is financial advice.

Side note: I am extremely busy these days (startup life) and plan to post less frequently. But this seemed too important to not blast out to everyone.

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